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  • Crash Course in Electromagnetics 2018
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This crash course in electromagnetics aims to give engineering students with a BSc a minimum of prerequisites to follow a 2-year master program in Electronic systems design or Electric power engineering at NTNU. It is not necessary to sign up for the course. The teaching will consist of lectures and voluntary exercises. There will be no tests or exam.

You may also find lectures covering basic electromagnetism online, e.g. TFE4120 Elektromagnetisme (NTNU, 2013) (Norwegian) and Electromagnetism (Yale, 2010) (English).


Anyuan Chen, e-mail:anyuan.chen*snabela* Office: E421 (electro building).

Ine Jernelv, e-mail:ine.jernelv*snabela* Office: B419 (electro building).

It will be given a total of 6-7 lectures and 6 exercises in this course. Solution proposals will be posted shortly after each lecture. Each lecture will last 3 hours. The first lecture is monday August 6th. A provisional time table is found below. Please notify me if you find typos or errors in the lecture notes or exercises!

Help with Exercises
There are no scheduled exercise hours in this course. Anyuan will go through some of the exercises at the end of each lecture, and you are otherwise advised to work with them on your own time. 
Ine is available if you have any questions regarding the exercises. Her office is open from 12:00-13:00 and 16:00-17:00 each day until Thursday 16/8 (starting from Tuesday 7/8).



TimeRoomTopicsLecture notes (2016)Lecture notes (2018)ExerciseSolution proposal
Monday 6/810:15-12:00EL 4

Maxwell's equations, Coulomb's law, vector calculus

Lecture 1Lecture 1Exercise 1Solution 1
Tuesday 7/809:15-12:00EL 4

Vector calculus, Gauss' law, scalar potential, capacitance

Lecture 2Lecture 2Exercise 2Solution 2
Wednesday 8/809:15-12:00EL 4

Electric fields in media, boundary conditions for electric fields, ideal conductors,
current density, ohms law

Lecture 3Lecture 3Exercise 3Solution 3
Thursday 9/809:15-12:00EL 4

Biot-Savart’s law, Ampere’s law

Lecture 4Lecture 4Exercise 4Solution 4
Friday 10/809:15-12:00EL 4

Magnetic fields in media, induction, inductance, Lenz’ law

Lecture 5Lecture 5Exercise 5Solution 5
Thursday 16/809:15-12:00EL 4

Wave equation for the electric field, Maxwell's equations, antenna equations

Lecture 6Lecture 6  
Friday 17/809:15-12:00EL 4


Lecture 7 Exercise 6Solution 6


The course will start out with Maxwell's equations, and from these develop electromagnetic theory.

Electric charges, Coulombs law, Biot-Savarts law, Electric fields, Magnetic fields, Displacement fields (D- and H-fields), free and bound current, Dielectric media, Ideal Conductors, Capasitors, Scalar- and Vector potentials, Inductance, Maxwell's Equations, Electromagnetic waves and light.

Syllabus (suggested):

Lecture notes (in English) will be posted for each lecture. Please notify Anyuan if you find typos or errors in the lecture notes!

Norwegian students: Prof. Johannes Skaar har skrevet et kompendium til bruk i kurset TFE4120. Dette er gratis for studenter og anbefales som litteratur i dette kurset. Du finner kompendiet her (in Norwegian only).

Tilleggslitteratur: Field and Wave Electromagnetics (Cheng) (elektronikkstudenter, brukes i "TFE4130: Bølgeforplantning") eller Electromagnetics (B. M. Notaros) (elkraftstudenter).

International students: Electromagnetics (B. M. Notaros).

  • The Feynman Lectures on Physics:
  • Griffiths, “Introduction to Electrodynamics”, last edition, Prentice Hall.
  • Young & Freedman: University Physics
  • Popovic & Popovic, “Introductory Electromagnetics” Prentice Hall, 2000

A sheet of formulas is found here.

Lecture notes (2015)
Notes from the lectures in 2015 (in Norwegian). The contents is about the same as will be given in this year's course.


F1Coulomb's lov, elektrisk felt, linje-/flate-/-volumintegral, divergensteorem, Stoke's teorem.
F2Gauss' lov, skalarpotensial, Poisson's likning, kapasitans.
F3Dipoler, Gauss' lov i medier, ideelle ledere, grensebetingelser, strømtetthet.
F4Biot-Savart's lov, Ampere's lov for konstante strømmer.
F5Ampere's lov i medier, induksjon, selvinduktans, Lenz' lov. Oppdatert versjon! 
F6Skalarpotensialet, vektorpotensialet, og Antennelikninga.

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