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TDT4290 Customer Driven Project (KPRO) - Course Official Page

Course Description

During this course, the students will acquire practical experience and ability to organize, execute, document and present results of all phases of large and realistic projects with real customers. Moreover, they will get insight into project work and how groups can be used to solve complex computer science problems.

Each group is given a task from a client that is to be carried out as a project. It is important that the groups work in close collaboration with the client. The groups will hand in a project report and give a final presentation and demonstration of a runnable system to the client and the censor. The following days are obligatory: the starting day of the course which is on Tuesday in the semester's second week, the guest lectures and the course in group dynamics, and the weekly supervision. A failure to meet on these days may prevent the student from completing the course.

The tasks are carried out as group work with groups of 5-7 persons. Each group has a client and an internal supervisor. The groups have obligatory meetings with the supervisors every week, and the group project leaders also have weekly leadership meetings with the lecturers. The course includes a series of lectures.

Course Responsibles Professors Letizia Jaccheri - Coordinator Kristin Karlsen  (Jon Atle Gulla sabbatical year 2018)

Compendium updated May 2018 Compendium.pdf

Reports from last years

Invitasjon 2018

Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI) at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) invites customers (you) to submit assignment proposals for the students to work with in the course 'Customer driven project' (TDT4290) for the coming fall.

The students taking the course are 4th year students at our Master's Programme in Computer Science.

The course is regarded as one of the most important at IDI, and plays a key role in giving students practical and realistic experience in working with IT-projects.

The proposed assignment from a customer will represent task/problems that requires a certain amount of software development, and will be the starting point for a project for one student group. In the process, the groups will go through all the stages of making a prototype and a project report. This implies that the main focus of the project work will be on the early software development stages and management. Each group will have weekly meetings with one or more advisor from IDI, there will also be regular meetings with the corresponding customer.

For more information about the course and earlier assignments, please have a look at the course official home page

For the customer this is a great opportunity to get various problems/issues and software-solutions analyzed and partially implemented.

This process, including requirement specification, will be performed through a collaboration between the student groups and the corresponding customers.

Thus the expected workload for each customer will be around 4 half-day meetings, plus reading through generated documentation and answering questions from students.

Now we wish to receive as many assignment proposals as possible from customers (you), both previous and new participants. We are also open to discussions related to any (potential) assignments.

The assignment description that we want to receive from you must be in English. The main assignment text should preferably be between a half and one page in length, attachments with e.g. more details might also be included.

Submitting assignment proposals is to be done through the EasyChair system:

NB! You have to log in as an author to make a submission.

We expect to have more than 100 students taking the course this year. With group sizes of 6-8 students we will need about 12-15 assignments in total.

The course/projects will this year start on 28th of August and last until 22rd of November. These dates are the "kick-off" day and final presentation day, respectively.

It is thus important that the customers will be able to participate on these days, implying having at least one representative present at NTNU in Trondheim!

Current time schedule for the year 2018:

31 May:

Deadline for submitting proposals from customers.

15 June:

Selection of customer-driven projects.

28 August:

Project start (kick-off) with customers, students and advisors.

28 August - 22 November:

Weekly meetings between student groups and (internal) advisors.

Regular meetings and communication between customers and student groups.


22 November:

Final presentation day and demonstration of the project results.

Customers and censors are present.

We welcome all types of customers, ranging from IT-development companies to those who has little or no experience with IT. Feel free to forward this email to other potential customers/people that you may know of.

If you like to send us an email, please include “[kpro]” in the subject field.

Best regards,

Kristin Karlsen (coordinator)

Letizia Jaccheri (course responsible)






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