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  • WP6 Guidelines for Internal Deliverables
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A considerable part of WP6, comprises of the professional development training packages and materials, and their accompanying book chapter, that each of the 12 partners will prepare. Towards this end, and in order to identify the needs each training package will seek to address, a literature review will be prepared by all WP6 partners. Additionally, this review will provide a common basis of knowledge for all S-TEAM members regarding the issues of professional development and inquiry methods facing each partner. Each partner developing a training package will also prepare two documents, the Methodology and the Evaluation which will provide the plans, methodology and the evaluation of each implemented training package.

The final product of WP6 will be a series of case studies reporting on the design, development and validation of each training package. These case studies will be published as a book at the end of the project. The aim is to develop a common rationale for the case studies so that we can have a truly coherent volume rather than a set of disparate chapters.

The Framework for Case Study Reports
The objective of the Framework for Case Study Reports is to propose a definition of a case study for WP6, in an effort to better design the process of (a) developing the training modules for teacher professional development in science, (b) trial-testing and revising them based on the results (findings) and (c) reporting on their use for teacher training.

Timeline for internal deliverables
A revised timeline for all deliverables of WP6 has been prepared which outlines all the major deliverable dates for the completion of the project.

Literature Review Description and Guidelines
The Literature Review Description provides guidelines for the preparation of the literature review which will describe each partner's current national knowledge concerning professional development and science inquiry methods on the one hand and the international literature regarding the specific focus area of their training package on the other.

Methodology and Evaluation Description and Guidelines
Methodology and Evaluation Description provides, in some detail, the guidelines to support the partners' efforts in preparing the Methodology and Evaluation reports required by WP6. These two documents will describe each partner's procedural plans for (a) data collection and analysis relating to the Case Study materials1, and (b) the evaluation of the effectiveness of the training package that will be delivered and the write-up of the subsequent Case Study Report.

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