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WP4a Dissemination strategy for inquiry-based methods in France As national liaison partner, UPMF will lead the production of a  dissemination  strategy for France, in cooperation with CNRS and UHB. This is necessary to enable  large-scale dissemination within the French teacher education system which is currently  transforming towards a model compatible with other European countries. In  France, science teacher education is currently in  transition from a quasi-centralized system (i.e. Institut Universitaires de Formation des Maitres - IUFM) to a distributed organization involving numerous universities. This situation requires a renewed  articulation between teacher educators, schools and local authorities. Such a situation provides good opportunities for the dissemination of new practices amongst the actors of the science education system. Contacts have been established with  other research teams (e.g. Sciences Techniques Education Formation STEF-ENS-Cachan) or institutions (e.g. Institut National de Recherche Pedagogique - INRP) which are well known for the efficacy of their dissemination strategies. A French  group start-up conference is planned for M2 in Grenoble; pre-existing conferences will be used in M12 and M24 for dissemination in specific areas, (e.g. mathematics, biology, etc.) and in M33 a final French national meeting will be held.  The subpackage will consist of a report which will be provided for M12. (product 4.1)
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