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19. Hacettepe University (HUT)   HUT is one of the largest universities in Turkey with 25,800 students and 3,479  academic staff.  The university has participated in several projects under the EU Framework Programmes and EU Education and Youth Programmes.  The university has 13 faculties, 9 schools, 1 conservatory, 13 institutes, 35 research and application  centres. The Faculty of Education has a long history in the Turkish Education System, carrying out educational and instructional activities since 1983.  The faculty is able to  meet the challenge of contemporary education through its highly-qualified academic staff who are open to change and development and also benefit from international experience and cooperation.  Faculty of Education has 16 programmes under five  departments (Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Educational Sciences, Secondary Science and Mathematics Education, Foreign Language Education and Elementary Education) with 3,675 undergraduate and 325  postgraduate students. HUT has researchers with extensive experience in science curriculum development, in-service teacher training activities and in other projects funded by the EU to  improve the quality of education.  In addition, HUT has a collaboration agreement with more than 50 kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.   Task allocation HUT is the Turkish national liaison point (NLP) of the project and will be responsible  for establishing a working relationship with partner institutions, providing information about national policy and practice to WP2 and creating networks with national stakeholders (WP10).  In addition, HUT will introduce, disseminate and develop  SINUS & SINUS-Transfer programs in teacher education (WP3), and integrate scientific literacy and Nature of Science studies into teacher education (WP6)   Staff members who will be undertaking the work:      Gultekin Cakmakci, Ph.D., Lecturer, will be the Turkish national liaison point  (NLP) of the project.  He received his BSc. degree in Chemical Engineering from Ankara University, MA in Science Education from the University of York, U.K. and Ph.D. in Science Education from the University of Leeds, U.K.  He teaches courses  on science education and does consultancy in engineering education.  His research interests focus on developing scientific literacy among students/teachers, and on the design, implementation and evaluation of science teaching.  He has been  responsible for several national projects on out-of-school science education.    Buket Akkoyunlu, Professor, holds a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from the University of Leicester.  She is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Education,  Hacettepe University.  Her main research areas include information literacy, web-based learning, multi- media learning, and instructional design.  She has conducted research and published articles and books in the fields of educational technology,  web-based learning and multimedia learning.   Yalcin Yalaki, Lecturer, completed his Ph.D. at Florida State University with a thesis on the influence of teacher worldviews on science teaching.  He has been  teaching science education courses including chemistry, science-technology-society, and science teaching since 2004.  His research interests have centred on science teacher education, formative assessment and worldviews in science education.     Zeki Bayram, Lecturer, worked as a high school chemistry teacher for two years and then completed his Ph.D. at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, France with a thesis about how to check the influence of laboratory activities on learning  chemistry.  His research interests focus on formative assessment and influence of lab work on learning science and science process skills.  He teaches courses on chemistry and science education.

IAllocation of Person-Months: HUT


PM (total 12)
Gultekin Cakmakci

NLP leader,
WP8.6 leader, Production of  deliverable 8.6, dissemination
Buket Akkoyunlu

Dissemination  (WP3 and WP10)
Yalcin Yalaki

Production of deliverable
8.6, dissemination (WP3 and WP10)

Zeki Bayram

Dissemination (WP3)


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