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15. University of Helsinki (HU)

The University of Helsinki has the widest range of disciplines in Finland.  It was  established in 1640. The number of faculties is eleven.  There are 38,000 degree students and 7,600 staff.  The number of degrees taken each year is almost 4,300, of which 400 are doctorates.  The University concentrates on high-level scientific  research and researcher education.  The University operations support the development of society, as well as business and industry. The University has strong international connections.  The active partner in the project is Department of Applied  Sciences of Education.  The Department is divided into four sections: Class teacher education, Subject teacher education, Kindergarten teacher and early childhood education, Special education.    The partner has developed web-based video libraries where several teaching models for science student teachers, and has also research and development activities  dealing with teachers' knowledge, based partly on Pedagogical Content Knowledge and partly on practitioner knowledge and professional knowledge.  Task allocation Within WP 2 and 3, HU will participate in the data gathering and dissemination  activities.  For WP2 we will write a report of science teacher education in Finland and provide other necessary official documents which are needed by the WP2 leader.  As NLP, HU will disseminate SINUS information, from WP 3 in Finland.   Within WP6, HU is participating actively in developing and distributing innovative methods in teacher education.  Our activities are dealing with teacher knowledge.  HU will also participate the evaluation activities (WP9) and general dissemination  activities (WP 10).    Staff members who will be undertaking the work:  Jari Lavonen, PhD, Professor, has worked since 1985 in pre- and in-service science  teacher education.  He has been active in developing instruction in teacher education.  He is a director of the Finnish Graduate School for Mathematics and Science Education.  His main research interests are connected to science teaching  and learning, science teacher education and ICT use in science education and in teacher education.  He has published 145 scientific papers in scientific journals, refereed conference proceedings and books; 44 general articles and 119 textbooks.   Kalle Juuti, PhD, is a senior lecturer in physics and computer science education.  He teaches science education in primary school and upper secondary school teacher  education programmes.  His research interests are: ICT use in science education and teaching and learning science.   Jarkko Lampiselkä, PhD, is a senior lecturer in chemistry and physics education.  He teaches science education in primary school and upper secondary school teacher education programmes.  His research interests are: teaching and learning science.   Heidi Krzywacki-Vainio, MEd, is an assistant in mathematical subjects.  She is writing her doctoral thesis in the field of mathematics teacher education.

Indicative Allocation of Person-Months: HU  name  role  PM (total 12) Jari Lavonen  NLP, HU leader,  dissemination  3 Kalle Juuti  Production of  6.11  3  Jarkko Lampiselkä  Production of  6.11  3 Heidi Krzywacki-Vainio  Production of  6.11  3

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