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  • Deliverable 10.3 - TV production outline
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Deliverable 10.3 is an outline for a broadcast television production dealing with inquiry based methods in science teaching.  It is led by IIT, the  Israeli Technion.  Dr Ayelet Baram-Tsabari has had previous experience with TV having hosted a science journalism slot on breakfast television...Getting on TV means doing something outside the normal range of academic debate and the sort of material we will be producing for teacher educators...something has to happen! Yet we have to avoid trivialising the topic.  maybe we can use the "Europe's future depends on having more scientists" angle. Alternatively, there is the egg-boiling story - some pupils in a primary science class investigated egg-boiling times and found that if you turned off the heat as soon as the water was boiling, and then left the eggs for around six minutes instead of three, the results were the same but with a big energy saving. Brilliant science in my view.

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