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Contextual User Study Questionnaire Questions

November - December 2015

Q2- Most of the recommended items were relevant (the ones I am interested in reading)

Q3- I liked reading the items that I clicked

Q4- The recommended items fitted my preference

Q5- The system recommended too many non-relevant items to me

Q6- The recommendations contained a lot of variety

Q7- The recommendation has a good coverage of what's happening

Q8- The Contextual news app is recommending interesting content I had not previously considered.

Q9- All the recommended news articles were similar to each other

Q10- Most of the recommendations were from the same genre

Q11- Overall, I had a good reading experience

Q12- Compare to my conventional daily news reading experience, I find it useful to be able to actively control and change the recommendation strategy.

Q14- I find the three button arrangement convenient (easy to access the functionality)

Q15- I find the three button arrangement intuitive (not much learning effort is required)

Q16- It is not so useful, I would rather remove the three button from the screen to free up the space

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