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For students, PhD candidates, the RAMS group staff, and others that are interested.

The purpose of these wiki-pages is to have an easy way to access useful information about the RAMS group. RAMS Group is a research group at Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at NTNU, and also an active member of the ROSS Gemini Center.The information found here is not replacing information at, but may be regarded as a supplement.

RAMS is an acronym for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability/maintenance, and Safety and RAMS assessments cover a wide range of methods that are key to the industry and the society. Our mission is to contribute to a  a safer, more productive and more sustainable industry, transport and society, and we will do so by developing new knowledge and new methods for RAMS assessment of technology and systems for new and existing application areas.

The wiki pages can be navigated using the sitemap below.

*Links that are missing refer to pages under construction


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