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Course information

 Various useful course information (time table etc.) may be found on NTNU's webpages.

Getting started

Installation guides and tutorials are located here.

Learning resources



Scientific assistant

Teaching assistants

Leif Rune Hellevik (course coordinator)

David Morin

Jonas Rudshaug (

Håvar Johan Junker (

Ådne Magnus Viga Skretting (

Aksel Haugen Madslien (


5 theoretical + 5 Python exercises + 1 mixed

4 theory and 4 Python exercises need to be approved in order to take the exam. (The mixed exercise will count as both)

Theory (written) exercises

The theory exercises must be delivered on Blackboard before the deadline for approval. 

1: Theory Exercise 1 (Solutions)

2: Theory Exercise 2 (Solutions)

3: Theory Exercise 3 (Solutions)

4: Theory Exercise 4 (Solutions)

5: Theory Exercise 5 (Solutions)

 Python exercises

The Python exercises require attendance in the guidance hours for approval. The students are supposed to explain their solution.

1: Python Exercise 1 (Solutions)

2: Python Exercise 2 (Solutions)

3: Python Exercise 3 (Solutions)

4: Python Exercise 4 (Solutions)

5: Python Exercise 5 (Solutions)

Mixed exercise

1: Mixed Exercise 1 (Solutions)


Chapter in the compendium "Numerical Methods for Engineers":Part of chapter included in syllabus:
3all except 3.3
8all except 8.5, 8.8, 8.9 and 8.10




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