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STA 449C Jupiter connected with QMS 403C Aëolos 

  • Thermogravimetry (TG) and Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA), combined with mass spectrometry. 

    Ar-flow around the heating element during operation. Max temperature 1600 ºC. Gas-flow (Argon, N2,Synthetic air, O2) during operation
    Mass flow controller with 3 gas lines - makes it possible to mix gases or change between gases during analysis. 

Can not be used for:
  • ...


Before you begin

  • Contact equipment responsible : Pei Na Kui, K2-122
  • Scientific responible: Professor Kjell Wiik, K2-118
  • Equipment may not be used without training. 
  • Contact room responsible for access : Pei Na Kui, K2-122
  • Fill out: TA-analysis_form.DOC
  • Electronic booking of the instrument. Use the booking calendar for leiestedet Material Characterization. Access to the booking system is given by the equipment responsible. 
Relevant links:

Gas procedures mass flow controller: Gas procedures thermal analysis equipment 2016_corrKW2.pdf

The adress for the booking system is

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