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Sample preparations

NB: These films are just examples on how it is possible to prepare the samples, and not necessarily the best method for your sample!

Short instruction videos for how to use different sample holders

Measurement parameters guide

  • Which angles to scan (coming!)
  • Which step size to use (coming!)
  • How long time to measure (coming!)
  • Which divergence slits to use:
    • Opening degree: (coming!)
    • Fixed vs. variable slit:

General for the lab

Washing tips
  • Normal sample holders (with cavity for powder)
  • Deep sample holders: Deep holders
  • Flat Si-wafer holders
  • Glass slides: glass slides

Analysis and software

  • Getting started with EVA (coming!)
  • Example: Pawley fit of TiO2 (anatase and rutile) from Topas Workshop Hands-on tutorial no. 2: Topas Hands-on 2

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