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Should be registered in Ecoonline and the location of a chemical can also be found by a search there (if it is in storage at NTNU).



NTNU has signed an agreement with AGA regarding delivery of gas. The agreement is valid from 7/15/14.

Gas in AGv

Gas coordinator:

AGA deliver and collect gas from AGv in gas-shed between the E-block and F-block (output behind the elevator in the basement).

 All users of the gas in AGv must retrieve the ordered gas cylinders from gas-shed and set empty gas cylinders in gas-shed.

NTNU gas cylinders must have a turquoise tag with information about the gas, location and responsible. Contact Torild to get this tag.

When gas cylinders are empty, flip tag over and write "Empty, Return".

To get the code to open the gas-shed, contact Torild Krogstad (918 97 623) or Jonas Einan Gjøvik (970 92 215).


Gas in KII

Gas coordinator:   Pei Na Kui, 410 06 639,

How to order a gas bottle:

Send an order to with cc. to Pei Na Kui,
All NTNU bottles must have a tag with information aboutthe gas, location and responsible.
When gas bottles are empty, flip tag over and write "Empty, Return".


Here you can find documentation related to the use of gasses in our department :

How to use a regulator : How to use a gas regulator.pdf


CO and H2 detectors in lab E214 and E118 : Gas detectors in lab E214 and E118.pdf


Access to laboratories and equipment

Before using a laboratory equipment for the first time, there is several mandatory tasks to complete:

To get key access to the lab you need to inform the room responsible of your name, institution, department, key card number and which room you want access to. Use this form or send the info by email.



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