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Main application: elemental analysis (ppm sensitivity) as a function of depth (down to 150 um depth with nm resolution).

•depth profiling of materials: from thin films (a few nanometers) to bulk (depth of tens of micrometers) at high depth resolution and in a short time. 

•GD-OES can evaluate various materials, including metals, insulation films (e.g., glass) and organic films.

Atoms are sputtered from the sample surface in an argon glow discharge. The sputtered atoms recombine with electrons in the plasma discharge.

The light emitted from this recombination is analyzed using an optical emission spectrometer to obtain a depth profile of chemical composition (down to ppm sensitivity):

Example of analysis: Al alloy, contamination from extrusion die (Fe and Cr)

Before you begin

  • Contact equipment responsible:
  • Equipment may not be used without training. 
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