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Type of equipmentConditionRoomContact person

MBRAUN Double glove box for battery group

0.1ppm H2O

0,1ppm O2


Pei Na Kui 

Fride Vullum

MBRAUN Singel glove box for coffee bag cell

2 ppm H2O

5 ppm O2


Pei Na Kui  

Fride Vullum 

MBRAUN Geir Martin box

1-5 ppm H2O

1-5 ppm O2


Pei Na Kui 

Ana Maria Martinez(Sintef)

MBRAUN Double glove box for battery group

0.1ppm H2O

0,1ppm O2


Pei Na Kui 

Ann Mari Svensson

Fride Vullum  
MBRAUN Glove box Agv

1 ppm H2O

1 ppm O2


Ivar Andre Ødegård

Pei Na Kui 







Glove Box Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Read before use

  1. 1.    Warnings


1.1.  Failure to follow this SOP can result in damage to the glove box, the user, other people and exposure to chemicals.


1.2.  Current glove box responsible: Pei Na Kui. Deputy: Magnus Bentzen Følstad.


1.3.  Make a risk assessment of your work, keep it updated.


1.4.  DO NOT use the glove box before you have been trained by the glove box responsible.


1.5.  If there are problems (alarms) with the glove box you should notify one of the glove box responsible.


1.6.  Be extremely careful with sharp tool when working inside the glove box. Gloves are expensive and replacements are required if damaged. If a glove is damage, seal it immediately with a lock that can be found inside of the glove box.


1.7.  If there are any lager spills, punctured gloves or anything else malfunctioning with the glove box you should notify one of the glove box responsible immediately.


1.8.  Never open both antechamber doors simultaneously.


1.9.  Never open the inner chamber door while the antechamber is full of air. This will contaminate the box. Follow the pump/refill procedure below before opening the inner chamber door.


1.10. Ensure that inner chamber door is closed. The antechambers should always be left under vacuum when not in use.


1.11.  The circulation, vacuum pump and analyzer should always be on (green color). They can be turned off sometimes when you move your hands in too fast. Check the control panel from time to time when working in the glove box.



  1. 2.    General rules


2.1.  Use the booking calendar if you want to use the glove box.


2.2.  Use the logbook to register the chemicals/equipment that have been placed in or taken out of the box, and also the H2O /O2 ppm inside the box before and after.


2.3.  Turn on the box light when start working inside the glove box, and turn off when finished.


2.4.  Take off all jewelry (rings and watches and bracelets) before using the glove box to avoid damaging the gloves.


2.5.  Wear long sleeves so your arms do not have direct contact with the black glove box gloves.


2.6.  Always use 3 layers of gloves. First cotton gloves, then black glove box gloves and then plastic gloves when working inside the glove box.


2.7.  Always cover the bottom/floor or the box with aluminium foil or plastic before handling any kind of chemicals. If you accidentally spill some on the bottom, remove it immediately.


2.8.  Leave the glove box in equal or better condition compared to when you started.


2.9.  When you are finished working, take out your trash from the glove box. DO NOT leave used gloves, dirty wipe etc. in there. And remember to take off the plastic gloves!



  1. 3.    Rules regarding transferring material into and out of the glove box


3.1.  Do not place anything containing water or air into the box.


3.2.  Try not to bring any type of paper, rubber, wood and textile.


3.3.  All flasks placed in the box must be argon filled or evacuated in the antechamber.


3.4.  Make sure all empty containers are open when the antechamber is being pumped down.


3.5.  Do not take any powder materials in a fully open container, as they may fly and contaminate the glove box.


3.6.  When placing lightweight objects in the box, secure them, make them heavier with plastic clips or something else with some weight.


3.7.  Always evacuate at least 3 times before putting something in or out of the glove box through the large or small antechamber.

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