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  • Measure the particle size and zeta potential (i.e. the effective surface potential) of particles in dispersions.
  • Particle size range: 0,6 nm - 7 µm
  • Particle size range for zeta potential analysis: 0,6 nm - 30 µm
  • Sample concentration: 0,001% - 40%
  • Zeta potential: ± 150 mV
  • Combined with autotitrator; measure the above mentioned properties as a function of pH or of an additive, or while circulating the sample.
  • pH range for autotitrator/pH electrode: 1 - 13.


Terms of use
  • Equipment may not be used without training

  • Equipment must be booked through the booking system of the department

  • Apparatus responsible: Magnus B. Følstad
  • Room responsible:  Magnus B. Følstad
More information

User manual, Delsa™Nano UI Software Version 3.73 (retrieved 02.12.2015)


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