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  • Antoine Furnace for Silicon Vertical Gradient Freeze
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  • Temperature limit: ~1800K.
  • Max heating rate: Depends on PID, heater and temperature. Typical Ramp-up above 800K would be ~800K/h for both heaters.
  • Max cooling rate: Depends on PID, heater and temperature. Typical Ramp-down for solidification would be between 10 and 80K/h.
  • Size Crucible: Cylinder of 10cm diameter (~1kg of Si).
  • Atmosphere: Inert gas (Argon).
  • Gas blowing from top.
  • Adjustable temperature gradient.
  • Adjustable geometry.
Can not be used for:

Other materials then silicon. Restriction should be put to clean silicon feedstocks.

Previously used for:,

Silicon directional solidification.


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