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  • Optimisation of hydrodynamic fluid simulations in steep rivers for flood visualization
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Supervisors: Adina Moraru, Nils Rüther, Oddbjørn Bruland

Project: World of Wild Waters (WoWW)

This thesis aims at creating an integrated understanding of causes and effects of flash floods in ungauged steep rivers by constructing realistic flood scenarios and real-time numerical simulations based on real data, and improve risk assessment and its communication to stakeholders and decision-makers. The prediction accuracy required to implement risk alleviation measures is a core issue when addressing flood risk assessment.

The primary goal of this master thesis is to improve flood simulations in steep rivers through more efficient simulation models. The gathered knowledge will help develop a methodology that will increase flood simulation efficiency (e.g. improving simulation speed without truly compromising on the precision of the outcome), eventually contributing to the state-of-the-art of real-time fluid simulations. The resulting scenarios will be implemented into a visualization platform (e.g. Virtual Reality), further used in decision-making.

Figures show documentation on a recent flood event (Utvik, 2017) and its visualization in a 3D environment.

The student involved in this project should have interest in numerical modelling and natural hazards, as well as be inclined to research on efficiency and optimisation techniques.

The candidate must be familiarised with hydraulics and fluid dynamics.