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About Digilab

Digilab is an effort in research in education within the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The focus is to explore digital workflows in architecture and building sciences - to see how data can be generated, manipulated and fabricated in a design and building process.


This Wiki is a gathering of information to help as many as possible to learn and use the possibilities within the faculty. While some sections, such as Courses and Computer Guide are geared towards new students that need to learn basic software as a part of their studies, other sections focus on more advanced themes, such as experimental scripting or automated fabrication. This wiki is also a Work-in-Progress, meaning that more is added as both study, research or industry requirements change.


The chosen language for the Wiki is English. There are 2 reasons for this, firstly, it should also be available for all of our exchange students, and secondly, most of the terminology used in software and fabrication are more widely spread in english - knowing the english words for concepts enable you to find more relevant information when you wish to expand your knowledge beyond this Wiki.


Most of this wiki is available for everyone, but while we are working on articles, we link up to future and planned sections while typing to keep our work load smaller. So if you click on a link and are re-directed to a login page, this means that the page you are trying to access is not yet ready, but under development. There might also be some parts of the wiki where you are only granted access at a certain point in your studies or when attending a specific course. But as a general rule, we try to make as much accessible as possible to as many as possible.


This Wiki also serves as a portal for using scientific equipment at the faculty. The articles offer you insight into the basics of each theme, while the equipment pages have tutorials to learn the specific of each machine or process. The wiki also provides a linked booking service to use the equipment. As some of the equipment requires additional courses, your access might not reveal all equipment in the wiki or in the booking service.

Avansert Vitenskapelig Utstyr - AVIT

AVIT, Avansert vitenskapelig utstyr - Advanced Scientific Equipment - is a funding scheme for large equipment purchases within the university. At the Faculty of Architecture, this funding, together with TreUnd and Digital workflow research is largely the reason why there is a large focus on wood, and we also have the possibility to use advanced equipment in research and education. The first and second rounds of funding laid the foundations with first purchasing a CNC 3-axis machine, a Datron M8, which served as a starting point for learning the technology. 2 Years ago, this was extended with a full bed CNC machine and a laser cutter, now available at the workshop. These fundings were promoted under the name D-Lab:A or Digilab. The third round finished in December 2012, with integration of the purchases into the education curriculum following

Feedback and contact

This wiki, and indeed the whole Digilab project, is a Work-in-Progress. All feedback is appreciated and can be sent by email to Pasi Aalto



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