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Below a selection of journal papers and conference contributions derived from the work in TrollLABS:


Kriesi, Carlo; Bjelland, Øystein; Steinert, Martin (2017): Fast and iterative prototyping for injection molding – a case study of rapidly prototyping, 15th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, 25-27.9.17, Haifa, Israel

Slåttsveen, K., Nygaard, T., Seviour, G., Steinert, M., & Aasland, K. E. (2017). Makerbox: Introducing a low threshold maker experience for everyone–An online facilitation platform for problem based projects. In DS 87-9 Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED 17) Vol 9: Design Education, Vancouver, Canada, 21-25.08. 2017.



Erichsen, Jorgen A. B., Andreas Lyder Pedersen, Martin Steinert, and Torgeir Welo. “Using Prototypes to Leverage Knowledge in Product Development: Examples from the Automotive Industry”. I: 2016 IEEE International Systems Conference (SysCon 2016) Proceedings. Orlando, Florida: IEEE 2016 ISBN 978-1-4673-9518-2. s. 491-496 

Erichsen, Jorgen A. B., Andreas Lyder Pedersen, Martin Steinert, and Torgeir Welo. “Learning in Product Development: Proposed Industry Experiment Using Reflective Prototyping”. Procedia CIRP. 

Erichsen, Jorgen A. B., Andreas Lyder Pedersen, Martin Steinert, and Torgeir Welo. “Prototyping to Leverage Learning in Product Manufacturing Environments”. Procedia CIRP, June 2016. doi:10.1016/j.procir.2016.04.099

Kriesi, Carlo; Blindheim, Jørgen; Bjelland, Øystein; Steinert, Martin (2016): Creating Dynamic Requirements Through Iteratively Prototyping Critical Functionalities, The 26th CIRP Design Conference, 15-17.6.16, Stockholm, Sweden

Slåttsveen, Kristoffer B; Steinert, Martin; Aasland, Knut Einar. Increasing Student Confidence and Motivation in a Project-based Machine Construction and Mechatronics CourseI: NordDesign 2016 Volume 2. The Design Society 2016 ISBN 978-1-904670-80-3. s. 177-

Kriesi, Carlo; Balters, Stephanie; Steinert, Martin: Experimental Studies in Design Science and Engineering Design Science –A Repository for Experiment Setups. NordDesign 2016 Volume 1, The Design Society. 2016. ISBN 978-1-904670-80-3, p. 114-123

Sjöman, Heikki; Steinert, Martin: Development of a wearable system to capture team (n>2) interactions in engineering design teams. NordDesign 2016 Volume 1, The Design Society. 2016. ISBN 978-1-904670-80-3, p. 155-164

Sjöman, Heikki, and Martin Steinert. "Applying Sequential Pattern Mining to Portable RFID System Data." (2016).

Wulvik, Andreas; Erichsen, Jorgen Andreas Bogen; Steinert, Martin: "Capturing Body Language in Engineering Design – Tools and Technologies" NordDesign 2016 Volume 1, The Design Society. 2016. ISBN 978-1-904670-80-3



Balters, Stephanie; Steinert, Martin (2015): Capturing Emotion Reactivity through Physiology Measurement as a Foundation for Affective Engineering in Engineering Design Science and Engineering Practices, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 09/2015; DOI: 10.1007/s10845-015-1145-2

Balters, Stephanie; Bisballe Jensen, Matilde; Steinert, Martin. (2015): Physiology and Sensorial Based Quantification of Human-Object Interaction - The QOSI MatrixInternational Conference of Engineering Design (ICED) 2015

Jensen, Matilde Bisballe; Balters, Stephanie; Steinert, Martin. (2015): Measuring Prototypes - a standardized quantitative description of prototypes and their outcome for data collection and analysisInternational Conference of Engineering Design (ICED) 2015

Wulvik, Andreas; Balters, Stephanie; Steinert, Martin. (2015): Photography - The Answer to Combining Needfinding and Visual ThinkingInternational Conference of Engineering Design (ICED) 2015 

Kriesi, Carlo et al. (2015): Distributed Experiments in Design Sciences, A Next Step in Design Observation StudiesInternational Conference of Engineering Design (ICED) 2015

Sjöman, Heikki; Steinert, Martin; Kress, Greg; Vignoli, Matteo. (2015); Dynamically Capturing Engineering Team Interactions with Wearable Technology, International Conference of Engineering Design (ICED) 2015

Jung, Malte F.; Sirkin, David; Gür, Turgut M., Steinert, Martin. (2015): Displayed Uncertainty Improves Driving Experience and Behavior: The Case of Range Anxiety in an Electric Car, CHI 2015

Reime, Thov, Heikki Sjöman, Achim Gerstenberg, Pekka Abrahamsson, and Martin Steinert. "Bridging Tangible and Virtual Interaction: Rapid Prototyping of a Gaming Idea." In Entertainment Computing-ICEC 2015, pp. 523-528. Springer International Publishing, 2015.

Gerstenberg, Achim, Heikki Sjöman, Thov Reime, Pekka Abrahamsson, and Martin Steinert. "A Simultaneous, Multidisciplinary Development and Design Journey–Reflections on Prototyping." In Entertainment Computing-ICEC 2015, pp. 409-416. Springer International Publishing, 2015.



Balters, Stephanie; Steinert, Martin. (2014): Decision-Making in engineering—A call for affective engineering dimensions in applied engineering design and design sciences, International Conference on Innovative Design and Manufacturing (ICIDM) . IEEE;.

Kriesi, Carlo; Steinert, Martin; Meboldt, Mirko; Balters, Stephanie. (2014): Physiological Data Acquisition for Deeper Insights into Prototyping, Norddesign 2014

Elverum, Christer Westum; Welo, Torgeir; Steinert, Martin. (2014):The Fuzzy Front End: Concept Development in the Automotive Industry, International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference IDETC/CIE 2014

Gudem, Martin; Steinert, Martin; Welo, Torgeir. (2014): From Lean Product Development to Lean Innovation: Searching for more valid Approach for Promoting Utilitarian and Emotional Value, International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management

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