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  • Setup eclipse with GIT, Prolog etc
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  1. Java 64bit: (Currently JDK 64bit Java-19, remove old Java versions first!)
  2. Eclipse EE: (, remove old Eclipse versions!)
  3. Get a SICStus Prolog (student) license at:

Eclipse plugins:

  1. SICStus spider:
    1. Install New Software in Eclipse from
    2. Eclipse: Help - Cheat Sheets... -> SICStus Prolog-Initial set up of paths to installed SICStus Prolog
    3. Avoid problem with "Just-In-Time" compiler:  Turning off the JIT compiler seems to be a workaround. You can do this by passing the option -DSP_JIT=disabled to sicstus.exe (from the command line) or by setting the SP_JIT system property to "disabled" in the Eclipse preferences (Preferences->SICStus Prolog->System Properties).
  2. Busstuc:
    1. Alt+K -> compile busstuc
    2. Alt+F3 -> show def
  3. TABuss:
    1. A real-time app, connected to the busstuc MultiBRIS server

Old FURIOS Student SVN-server:

svn+ssh:// (svn+ssh://

EPIC: (Perl Plugin for Eclipse)

In case you want to do some Android development

  1. download Android SDK:
    1. Download Android version: 8,10,16
    2. Android ADT plugin:


Android 8,10,16 are antiquated, maybe a new app should be developed.

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