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  • Espen Jacobsson, OsloTUC
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Vil utvide BusTUC fra et en-by system til et portabelt system.


BusTUC is a natural language bus route system for Trondheim. It gives information about scheduled bus route passings, and has some information about the real passing times. AtB has installed GPS tracking on all the buses, giving access to real passing times and delays, and not only for Trondheim.

The task is to explore how a system can guide a user to the correct bus stop based on GPS and movement data collected via the user's device. It is desirable to implement a proof of concept with visualization through a map. This system will further be tested on a user base to determine if this will improve the users experience with traveling with public transport. The project will explore the future work proposed in previous master theses relating to FUIROS and BusTUC and the real passing times and delays given by AtB.

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