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This page will have information about the recent additions to The Scorpion Files, and also information about important events in scorpion biology (The gallery is updated all the time, and picture updates will note be showed here).

17.02.03 Iurus dufoureius dufoureius habitat pictures from Crete avilable HERE..

07.02.03 Dr. Bruno Lamoral's monograph, The Scorpions of Namibia, is now available in fulltext (in the literature section).

06.02.03 A special scorpion habitat gallery has been opened.

29.01.03 Pictures of the rare Buthus atlantis and its habitat can be seen HERE.

01.08.02Androctonus crassicauda habitat picture and information from Kuwait available HERE.

22.07.02 Reginald I. Pocock's book on Indian arachnids, The Fauna of British India, Arachnida, is now available in fulltext on The Scorpion Files.

22.07.02 Reginald I. Pocock's book on arachnids of Central America, Biologia Centrali-Americana. Arachnida, is now available in fulltext on The Scorpion Files.

12.07.02 Scorpion of Brazil. New scorpion book by Dr. Wilson Lourenco soon to be released. More information about the book HERE (this is a pdf-file, and Acrobat Reader is neccessary to read the file).

10.07.02 Dr. Luis Eduardo Acosta has kindly written species files for Timogenes elegans and Zabius fuscus.

16.05.02 Gerard Dupre's major scorpion bibliography is available on The Scorpion Files.

06.05.02 Max Vachon's classic book on scorpions of North Africa, Etudes sur les Scorpions, is now available in fulltext on The Scorpion Files.

15.03.02 I've written species files for Centruroides bicolor, Centruroides limbatus and Didymocentrus krausi.

The work with the medical section has started. Some information are published, but the work is only in the beginning.

01.03.02 I've written a small article about the scorpions protected by CITES.

22.01.02 I've written a review article about European scorpions. The article presents the European species, their distribution and biology. I have also made some remarks about the current taxonomical situations for some of the species.

27.12.01 The literature section has been divided into three subsections: scientific books/journals, scientific papers online & popular books.

27.12.01 I've made a contents page that has an overview of the contents of The Scorpion Files.

25.12.01 New genus (Neoprotobuthus) described by Lourenco in the family Microcharmidae. See the family file for more information.

19.12.01 I have made a page about the Scorpions in Afghanistan.

18.12.01 New online journal (named Euscorpius) devoted to scorpion biology is made available on the Internet. See the literature section for more information.

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