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Here are some facts about me:


My name is Jan Ove Rein, and I was born in Namsos, Norway in 1965. I'm now living in Trondheim (a large city in the middle of Norway), and I've lived here since 1984. I'm married with Inger (a PhD researcher in building engineering), and have a daughter (Ingvild) born in 1996, and a son (Morten) born in 2002. I have a Master degree in zoology from the University of Trondheim (NTNU), and in my thesis I studied prey capture and sting use in the East Africa scorpions Parabuthus liosoma and P. pallidus (parts of my thesis can be found in fulltext in the literature section). I'm not working as a scientist, but have a position as a research librarian at the medical library in the university hospital here in Trondheim. I've been interested in tropical insects and arachnids since 1987, and I'm keeping appr. 200 live invertebrates in my animal room in the basement of my house. I keep (or have kept) scorpions (my main interest), tarantulas, whip scorpion (uropugids), tailless whip scorpions (amblipygids), phasmids, mantids, milipedes, scolopendras, cockroaches and crickets.

Recently I have started to work on The Scorpion Files, which I hope will be a leading information resource on the internet for those interested in information about scorpions. I'm now doing this in my spare time (and the site is therefore growing slowly), but I hope to be able to include this as a research project at my work in the future.

A list of the scorpion I'm currently keeping can be found here (as a Word file).

(C) Jan Ove Rein