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Associate Professor Prof. Steffen Wellinger
Ass. Prof. Elena Archipovaite
Prof. Em Hans Skotte
Vice Dean Gunnar Parelius
Live Studio is a both an informal network and Work Package 2 within
, relating to the architecture and plan-
ning education at the Faculty for Architecture and Fine Art, NTNU. Through the Live Project Network hosted by Oxford
Brookes University Live Studio at NTNU is part of the international network and discourse on live projects as a learning
The Live Studio approach is grounded in a conviction that linking education closer to practice and society will raise the
scope, quality, and efficiency of learning. Furthermore, it will give students wider and thus more realistic insights into their
professional responsibilities and potentials.
Live Studio aims to inspire, support, develop, and supervise projects grounded in real-life situations, hence the use of
“live projects.” Throughout recent years both students and members of faculty have gained a wide range of valuable ex-
periences in initiating, inspiring, supporting, and accommodating such activities in different
real-life settings
and always
in collaboration with local partners and stakeholders. The experiences have shown that the insight and understandings
gained from the live projects can hardly be replicated in traditional studios on campus.
The confrontation with
real constraints
both questions and challenges the established approach to learning and the pro-
fession for students, their mentors, and the institution. Through projects and reflections, Live Studio aims to contribute the
necessary discourse and development of transformative learning and new approaches to architecture and planning. The
potential for the
transfer of concepts
and mindsets to other fields of education is one of the further research questions
to be addressed.
’s Live Studio work package facilitates the engagement of experiences through students’ re-
flections on previous initiatives, thereby ensuring continuity and a growing knowledge base. Live Studio will intentionally
will contain course modules, a pool of mentors, and a toolbox that prime and prepare students for handling situations in
conducting the projects. Professional
and responsibility as well as a sustainable approach are import pillars in the
preparation and follow-up of the projects. Practical conditions such as safety, construction, communication, public rela-
tions, and dissemination are also addressed through the use of the tools and though the mentors and network meetings.
, Live Studio collaborates with the Student HUB “Studio: Beta,” which creates a natural interface be-
tween students’ projects and the faculty. It coordinates and initiates student activities within easy access and with great
empathy for students’ needs, and contributes the students’ reflections to further research.
As part of
, Live Studio will develop an approach and methodology that accommodates and promotes live
projects as a more structural and wider approach to learning and
in the field of architecture and planning at