Entrance requirements and application procedure

In order to enter the PhD programme applicants need to hold a relevant Masters level degree (in areas of engineering/technology, social sciences, natural sciences, or relevant interdisciplinary degrees at the similar level), where the applicant can document deep knowledge in at least one of the following areas:

  • concepts, strategies, political instruments and measures for sustainable production and consumption, or
  • methods and tools for the evaluation of environmental performance and potential impacts of industrial products, services and activities, or impacts in relation to the flows and conversions of materials and energy in society, or
  • design and management approaches in relation to environmentally oriented production process and product development

Details related to such entering requirements will be judged individually, and will be evaluated in light of the draft project description presented by the applicant. Successful applicants must of course also meet other general requirements for admission to NTNU's PhD programmes (pdf) .

The application to enter the PhD programme is sent to the Industrial Ecology Programme at NTNU, including the following documents:

  • Application form with all information and signatures
  • Motivational letter (not more than 2 pp) explaining personal arguments for the application
  • Draft project description (8-10 pp) including overall context, research questions, methodology, empirical approach, budgets and time plans, and literature references
  • Documentation of former education and working experiences, including relevant certificates and attestations
  • Documentation or plans of funding (*)
  • CV including list of publications

(*) Funding of at least three years work must be documented in order to formally be accepted to the PhD programme.

Students who are already enrolled in the existing doctoral programmes at NTNU (, dr.scient., dr.polit. or, and affiliated with the Industrial Ecology Programme, may apply transfer to the new PhD programme, provided such a transfer is supported by the candidate's supervisor(s) and department at NTNU.