Nancy Knowlton

About the Speaker
  • Profession
    Marine Biologist
  • Company
    Smithsonian Institution

NANCY KNOWLTON is an American coral reef biologist at the Smithsonian Institution who was a scientific leader of the Census of Marine Life, a decade-long effort completed in 2010. The Census involved more than 2700 scientists from more than 80 countries who studied and synthesized information on marine biodiversity, from microbes to whales and identified more than 1200 new species.

NANCY KNOWLTON er en amerikansk korallrev-biolog som ledet det ti-årige prosjektet “Census of Marine Life” med 2700 forskere fra mer enn 80 land og som oppdaget mer enn 1200 nye arter i havet.

Life on Planet Ocean: From DNA to Crochet and Twitter
Livet i havet: Fra DNA til hekling og Twitter
Time/tid: 22 June / 22. juni kl 14:10
Locations/sted: Trondheim Spektrum

Biodiversity and humanity – Earth optimism
Time/tid:  22 June / 22. juni kl 09:00
Location/sted: NTNU University Museum