Science program for journalists

Please apply for accreditation from the Starmus Media Office before filling out the Science Programme form. Once we have certification that you have been accredited, we will process your workshop application. Space is limited, so apply early to guarantee your spot.

Apply for press accreditation  | Download photos for free use

As an accredited journalist, you’ll have access to a hands-on science programme that will open the doors on the secrets behind these advances and more. We’ll address questions like:

  • How does Nobel Laureate Edvard Moser use the information from maze-running rats to discover how our memory works?
  • Why is a house of the future so challenging to design? (Hint: it relates to people, not technology)
  • How did salmon farming in Norway go from an economic development programme for rural communities to an industrial powerhouse responsible for the country’s fourth-largest export commodity?
  • How do Norway’s world-leading gender equality policies affect familes and the workplace?

Each day’s workshop will last between two and three hours, and will be scheduled for the mornings before the day’s festival events begin. In addition, you can visit an experiential environmental art installation called “Pollution Pods” at any time during the festival. You’ll come away with solid information, new insights, great sources and ideas for future stories.

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