About the Starmus Festival

Starmus is a festival created at the nexus of science, art and culture at the international elite level. The purpose of the festival is to share knowledge, create role models and inspire the next generation. The festival brings visionary thinkers from across disciplines to engage with the public in an understandable and engaging way. Festival-goers will be able to choose from a variety of events: short lectures, concerts, movies, art exhibitions, awards, debates, activities in and around Trondheim city, and much more. Starmus 2017 will be a national event with international influence.

The festival will be covered across the globe, both through media coverage and direct streaming of the events.

Starmus and its scientific and musical heritage

The Starmus Festival was born in 2011, initiated by the astrophysicist Garik Israelian. His goal was to make science and art accessible to the public. He has accomplished this through three fully booked festivals with participation from some of the world’s most influential researchers and astronomers along with superstars from the world of music.

The magic of the Starmus Festival is not just its focus on science but on the integration of music into the programme. One of the most prominent members of the board, Peter Gabriel (former head of the British group Genesis), explains the close links between astronomy and music:

“Musicians explore and define what’s inside of us, astronomers explore and define what’s outside of us. That’s exactly what I love at the Starmus Festival: the combination of the two worlds.”

With an unbeatable panel of big thinkers, the countdown begins to the next Starmus in June 2017, with great international expectations. Over the next few months, the organizers will reveal new surprises in connection with the world’s most ambitious science festival, which in turn will boost Trondheim’s status as Norway’s science and technology capital.

The three previous Starmus festivals were held in the Canary Islands, but the fourth festival is being held in Trondheim, Norway’s technology capital.

Starmus Board of Directors

  • Stephen Hawking
  • Brian May
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Richard Dawkins
  • Alexei Leonov
  • Robert Williams
  • David Eicher
  • Jack Szostack
  • Festival founder Garik Israelian

Starmus moves to Trondheim

Starmus decided to move to Trondheim because it will enable the festival to flourish in a vibrant cultural setting. The coastal city of Trondheim combines beautiful surroundings with scientific, technological and cultural centres, including a Nobel Prize winning university. The city is the perfect backdrop for a festival that presents the best of both the academic and cultural worlds.

Starmus Trondheim — organization

Starmus Trondheim is being coordinated by a separate board consisting of representatives of the festival’s public partners in Trondheim: NTNU, the Municipality of Trondheim and the Sør-Trøndelag County Municipality, as well as the Starmus Festival.

The Starmus board consists of Kari Melby, Ola By Rise, Karen Espelund, Inaki Soroa and Garik Israelian. There is also a separate Trondheim Board consisting of Kari Melby (NTNU), Ola By Rise (Trondheim Municipality), Karen Espelund (STFK).

Starmus in Trondheim is being organized as an NTNU project. NTNU is responsible for implementing the scientific component of the festival, coordinating the programme and general arrangements. The major concerts are being coordinated by independent subcontractors in cooperation with Starmus. Local production and development of the conference is being facilitated by Technoport, with content delivered by Starmus. The scientific programme has been created by the Starmus Scientific Committee, consisting of representatives from NTNU and the Starmus Festival.