«Life And The Universe»

STARMUSFESTIVALEN Trondheim 18.–23. juni 2017


18. juni

Bilde fra Mars

  • MOONWALKERS in Conversation
  • Optical Microscopy: the resolution revolution
  • Apollo 17 and Beyond Exoplanets and ExoEarths
  • Origins and Aliens: The Search for Biosignatures on Exoplanets
  • The Most Extreme Environments where alien life could be found


Program 18. juni

21. juni


  • Decoding truth in films
  • The Era of Post-truth and fake news
  • The digital revolution and the future of world society
  • Innovation, Capital Formation, and Economic Police
  • Work in the age of Robots
  • How we can survive Trump, Climate Change and other Global Crisis?
Program 21. juni

19. juni


  • The role of Science in the 21st century
  • The future of Mars exploration
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs
  • New measurements and implications of the expansion of the Universe
  • String Theory and the fabric of Spacetime


Program 19. juni

22. juni


  • Living beyond 2100: On Earth and Beyond
  • Climate Change: Facts and Fictions
  • Life on Planet Ocean: From DNA to Crochet and Twitter
  • Sufficiently Advances Technologies: Indistinguishable from Magic, or from Nature?
  • Understanding the planetary life support systems: Next generation science in the ocean basins
Program 22. juni

20. juni

  • Black Holes and Time Warps
  • Perspectives from Space
  • Creative Manifestation
  • Stephen Hawking Medal Ceremony


Program 20. juni

23. juni


  • The brain's positioning system: why do we not get lost?
  • Memory: Your Most Mysterious Friend
  • Energy and Matter at the Origin of Life
  • CRISPR-Cas9: a gene editing technology that revolutionises life sciences
  • A Mission for Planetary Diversity


Program 23. juni