Innovation Networks in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

INSTEM represents a new movement towards a learning-based approach in science and mathematics (STEM) education. A large number of projects in STEM education have responded to calls within Framework Programme 7 and the Lifelong Learning Programme, but the learning from these projects is fragmented and has not yet been fed back into the system.

INSTEM will gather and promote the learning from successful European projects, which have advanced the cause of better science and mathematics education. These projects should have a combined voice in order to advance the cause of Inquiry-based learning, but there was no forum in which the results of these projects could be discussed. Now, with INSTEM, we are focused on extracting and synthesising the learning from the extensive work already carried out in these projects.

This is more than a cataloguing operation, although we will be providing links to some significant materials and resources produced in other projects. Primarily, our intention is to assess the real learning from projects, rather than evaluating whether they have achieved their objectives as set out in proposals or ‘technical annexes'. This is not being done in a judgmental way, but in a spirit of collaboration and development. The learning from projects is twofold: learning about science and maths education, and learning about how projects function effectively within the EU and national systems.