Prosjekter ved SeaLab

Prosjekter ved SeaLab



Local contact: Alexandra Neyts (NTNU)

AQUAEXCEL2020 is a research infrastructure project funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and coordinated by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA). The project aims to further support the sustainable growth of the European aquaculture sector.


PWC Arctic

Project leader: Anders J. Olsen (NTNU)

Effects of dispersed oil droplets and produced water components on growth, development and reproduction in Arctic pelagic copepods.

GRACE: Integrated Oil Spill Response Actions and Environmental Effects

Local contact person: Bjørn Munro Jenssen (NTNU)

The project focuses on developing, comparing and evaluating the effectiveness and environmental effects of different oil spill response methods in a cold climate. In addition, a system for the real-time observation of underwater oil spills and strategic tools for choosing oil spill response methods will be made.

The results of the project will be made available for use to international organizations that plan and carry out cross-border oil spill response cooperation in Arctic sea areas.


Taskforce Lakselus

Project leader: Yngar Olsen (NTNU)
Building up fundamental knowledge about how sea lice spread within and between salmon farms, as well as between farmed and wild populations of salmonids.

  • Internal infection of sea lice within and between salmon farms during normal management routines and through interaction with the environment.
  • Mechanism of infection between wild and farmed populations of salmonids
  • The role of chemical cues in the infection process
  • Life cycle and biology of planktonic stages of salmon lice
  • Molecular methods for tracing salmon lice - new genetic markers and development of methods


MACROSEA ‐ kunnskapsplattform for industriell dyrking av makroalger

Project leader: Alexander Handå (SINTEF)  

MACROSEA har som mål å etablere en tverrfaglig kunnskapsplattform for industriell
dyrking av makroalger under en rekke klimatiske, økologiske og fysiske forhold.
MACROSEA vil bidra til økt kunnskap om ulike algearters
produktivitet og sammensetning, samt hvilken betydning miljøforhold og geografi
har på sluttresultatet for den produserte biomassen.


NTNU Environmental Interactions of Aquaculture (PhD program)

Head of program: Kjell Inge Reitan (NTNU)

The carrying capacity of fish production of Norwegian coastal waters is fundamental for how salmon aquaculture can develop, and the aquaculture interaction with the environment must form the basis for aquaculture management in Norway as well in Europe and on a global scale. The pilot program will increase the knowledge base of how aquaculture affects the environment and how the environment can affect aquaculture.



Local contact: Iurgi Salaverria (NTNU)

The PLASTOX project will investigate the ingestion, foodweb transfer, and ecotoxicological impact of microplastics, together with persistent organic pollutants (POPs), metals and plastic additive chemicals associated with them, on key European marine species and ecosystems.



Local contact: Andrew Booth (SINTEF)

Evaluating the fate, effects and mitigation measures for microplastic fibre pollution in aquatic environments



Local contact: Murat V. Ardelan (NTNU)
Impact of potential leakage from the sub-seabed CO2 storage site on marine environment at relevant hydrostatic pressure



Local contact: Ana Borrero (NTNU)

Environmental impact of leakage from sub-seabed CO2 storage.