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Bente Kirkhaug (i midten) disputerte i september 2019. (Foto: Frode Fossvold-Jørum/NTNU)
Bente Kirkhaug (i midten) disputerte i september 2019. (Foto: Frode Fossvold-Jørum/NTNU)

Bente Kirkhaug, ph.d. i klinisk medisin (2019)
"Externalizing problems in young students: assessment, correlates and interventions"
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Johannes Foss Sigurdson, ph.d. i nevrovitenskap (2019)
"Long-term effects of bullying in adolescence - mental health and social adaption in adulthood"
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Anne Lise Høyland, ph.d. i nevrovitenskap (2018)
"Event-Related Potentials and Executive Function in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders; a Case-Control Study"
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Hanne Klæboe Greger, ph.d. i klinisk medisin (2017)
"Youth at risk: Childhood adversity, psychopathology, and quality of life among adolescents in residential youth care"
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Magnhild Høivik Singstad, ph.d. i klinisk medisin (2017)
Early parent – child interaction problems in primary health care: Screening, video-intervention and parental psychopathology
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Tea Agerup, ph.d. i klinisk medisin (2016)
The Course of Adolescent Depression and Parental Risk Factors; A longitudinal study from adolescence to young adulthood
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Wenche Langfjord Mangerud, ph.d. i klinisk medisin (2016)
Adolescent mental health: associations with chronic pain and life style -
A study based on the Health Survey in Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, St. Olav’s Hospital, and the Young-HUNT population study
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Henrik Sollie, ph.d. i helsevitenskap (2016)
A follow-up of child and adolescent outpatients with ADHD: family characteristics, informant agreement, clinical outcomes and service needs
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Jorun Schei, ph.d. i nevrovitenskap (2015)
Psychiatric problems, protective factors and outcomes in adolescents with ADHD
The role of self-perceptions
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Marit Synnøve Skrove, ph.d. i klinisk medisin (2015)
Emotional Symptoms, Lifestyle and Somatic Aspects in Adolescence. The importance of resilience factors
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Jannike Kaasbøll, ph.d. i klinisk medisin (2015)
Parental Chronic Pain and Aspects of Mental Health in Adolescent Offspring – The Hunt Study
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Ingunn Ranøyen, ph.d. i klinisk medisin (2015)
Internalizing symptoms In adolescence - Familial aggregation and other psychosocial factors
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Bernhard Weidle, ph.d. i klinisk medisin (2015)
Children and Adolescents with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Comorbidity and Quality of Life
[Link to doctoral thesis]

Torun Gangaune Finnanger, ph.d. i nevrovitenskap (2014)
Life after Traumatic Brain Injury – Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioural Function after Moderate and Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
[Finn i Bibsys]

Anne Juberg, ph.d. i helsevitenskap (2014)

When not too far gone : a pragmatic - reflexive approach to substance and crime prevention in consumer society towards indicated 16-18-year old adolescents
[Finn i Bibsys]

Einar Leikanger, ph.d. i klinisk medisin (2013)
Prevalence, incidence and stability of anxiety among adolescents in the general population
[Finn i Bibsys]

04 nov 2019

Avlagte doktorgrader

Doktorgrader ved RBUP Midt-Norge 2002-2012:

Line Knudsen Lund, ph.d. i klinisk medisin
Mental Health in Low Birth Weight Individuals Approaching Adulthood
[Finn i Bibsys]

Ruth Derdikman-Eiron, ph.d. i klinisk medisin
Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression and Psychosicial Function in Males and Females From Adolescence to Adulthood - Longitudal Findings from the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study
[Finn i Bibsys]

Tormod Rimehaug, ph.d. i klinisk medisin
Emotional distress and parenting among community and clinic parents
[Finn i Bibsys] 

Latha Nrugham, ph.d i samfunnsmedisin
Associates and predictors of attempted suicide among depressed adolescents: A 6-year prospective study.
[Finn i Bibsys]  [Pressemelding]

Thomas Jozefiak, ph.d. i klinisk medisin
Quality of life and mental health in children and adolescents: Child and parent perspectives.
[Finn i Bibsys]

Anne Mari Undheim, ph.d. i klinisk medisin
Short and long-term outcome of emotional and behavioural problems in young adolescents with and without reading difficulties
[Finn i bibsys] 

May Britt Drugli, dr. philos.
Young children treated because of ODD/CD: conduct problems and social competence in day-care and school settings. Desember 2006. ISBN 978-82-471-0167.
[Finn i Bibsys] 

Grete Dyb, dr. med.
Posttraumatic Stress Reactions in Children and Adolescents. November 2005. ISBN 82-471-7309-3.
[Finn i Bibsys] 

Marit S. Indredavik, dr. med.
Mental health and cerebral magnetic resonance imaging in adolescents with low birth weight. Oktober 2005. ISBN 82-471-7258-5.
 [Finn i Bibsys]

Robert Valderhaug, dr. philos.
Obsessive-compulsive disorders among children and adolescents: Characteristics and psychological management of patients in outpatient psychiatric clinics. Juni 2005. ISBN 82-471-7100-7.
[Finn i Bibsys]

Anne Mari Sund , dr. med.
Development of Depressive Symptoms in Early Adolescence: The Youth and Mental Health Study. Februar 2004.
[Finn i Bibsys]

Turid Suzanne Berg-Nielsen, dr. philos.
Parenting Practices and Mentally Disordered Adolescents. November 2002.
 [Finn i Bibsys]

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