Research group at the Department of Psychology

SCaLa - Speech, Cognition and Language Research Group

About the research group:

The SCaLa research group comprises researchers with backgrounds in cognitive, developmental,and social psychology who aim to investigate the interplay of speech, language and cognition. SCaLa is focused on the study of speech and language production, perception, processing, representation and development. The group has grown out of two overlapping entities: the Marie Curie Initial Training Network on Language, Cognition and Gender and the NTNU Speech Laboratory.

Speaker: Dawn Behne, contact:

Senior researchers

Dawn Behne joined the Psychology Department at NTNU in 2003 when she began building up the Speech Laboratory. Her research includes cognitive processing and perception of language and speech, language acquisition, acoustics of speech and cognitive organization of speech and music. Her research has focused on category development in speech perception and most recently has begun to include the neurological organization of speech processing. Current research is focused on how experience affects speech perception, a topic which is addressed across the lifespan from the perspective of audiovisual speech perception and cross-domain transfer of experience between speech and music. The Speech Lab has an active environment for basic research on these topics, where students become directly involved in the lab´s ongoing projects. She is also involved in the Marie Curie Initial Training Network-Language, Cognition and Gender.

Ute Gabriel joined NTNU in 2006. Her research bridges the gap from social psychology to psycholinguistics research and focuses on the influence of gender stereotypes in language processing. She initiated and is currently coordinating NTNUs research activities in the Marie Curie Initial Training Network Language, Cognition & Gender (2009-2013). She is also involved in the internationally funded projects on Gender Representations in Language (since 2005).