Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences

Consumption, Environment and Traffic (CET)

– Research group at the Department of Psychology

About the research group:

The research group for "consumption, environment and traffic" analyses drivers of environmentally relevant consumption from small scale every day consumption decisions to large scale investment decisions. Furthermore, potentials for behavioural change and the analysis of change processes is a research topic of the group across behavioural domains. Research projects are targeting high impact behaviours in the domains transport, housing, food, consumption, leisure, culture and empowerment.

Its highly interdisciplinary research projects build on methods that span the whole spectrum of qualitative and quantitative techniques. The theoretical background of its members is from

  • Consumer psychology
  • Cultural and community psychology
  • Communication psychology
  • Environmental psychology
  • Traffic psychology

Examples of research projects:

  • Electric car purchase and use
  • Influencing consumer decisions in supermarkets
  •  Drivers of upgrading house insulation
  • Travel mode choice
  • Food waste reduction
  • Communication of environmental messages through arts and music
  • Environmental behaviour of immigrants
  • Energy/ resource use cultures
  • Environmental leisure activities
  • Psychological rebound effects
  • Spill-over effects of environmental behavior
  • Traffic safety and environmental benefits
  • Cultural influences on traffic behaviour