Universal Measuring Unit for High Voltage Measurements


  • A Khamlichi
  • F Garnacho
  • Jorge Rovira COE-FFII
  • P Simón
  • T García




Traditionally, high voltage (HV) laboratories have required different measuring instruments to measure alternating voltages 50/60 Hz (AC), using peak voltmeters, lightning impulses, through peak voltage meters or oscilloscopes and the apparent charge, by means of partial discharge (PD) measuring instruments. All of them with very different technical requirements stablished in applicable hardware and software standards (IEC 61083 series [1], IEC 60060 series [2, 3] and IEC 60270 [4]). However, the technological evolution of measuring instruments has allowed these measurements could be carried out through highperformance digital recorders. This article describes a new universal measuring instrument, developed by the LCOE for high voltage quantities, known as UMU (Universal Measuring Unit), for the five typical measurements to be carried out in any high voltage laboratory: AC 50/60 Hz, DC, Lightning impulse 1.2/50 μs (LI), Switching impulse 250/2500 μs (SI), partial discharge measurements, Radio Interference Voltage (RIV) measurements, transmitted overvoltage in secondary winding of voltage and current measuring transformers.
A new software package has been also developed in the framework of 19NRM07 HV-com2 project [5].


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