Silicone Gel Compounds for Non-Linear Stress Grading Applications

  • Sebastian Wels University of Kassel
  • Johann Bauer Merck KGaA
  • Jens Lambrecht Wacker Chemie AG
  • Albert Claudi University of Kassel


The paper deals with a field-grading insulation using
silicone gel as main material/binder. Additives, which provide
the nonlinearity of the compounds, consist of a support material
with metal oxide coating. The nonlinear electrical properties
were adjusted by the addition of different dopants. In this
investigation the fundamental properties of new non-linearconductive
materials (NLCM) were examined. One aim of the
investigation is to attribute the macroscopic electrical behavior
to the respective doping. For a typical compound, field
calculations for a cable joint model are presented and compared
to a conventional design without NLCM.


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