Cable Capacity Enhancement by Utilizing Trapezoidal Voltage Waveform


  • Mohamad Ghaffarian Niasar Delft University of Technology
  • W Li Delft University of Technology
  • Peter Vaessen DNV GL



To avoid installation of expensive new underground cable connections in locations where peak load exceeds existing cable capacity, it is advantageous to transfer more power through a cable than its nominal power capacity, without endangering its reliability. Dynamic current rating of cables is a typical approach that is used to exceed the nominal cable capacity for a short time period. In this paper a new method for cable capacity enhancement based on dynamic voltage rating is introduced. The method can be applied if multilevel converters are installed at both ends of cable as will become more commonplace in the future when an inverter rich power system is realized. In this study the influence of trapezoidal voltage waveform on the electric field distribution inside cable insulation is investigated. The results shows that by using trapezoidal waveform it is possible to achieve a more homogeneous field distribution inside the cable insulation. This enables better utilization of the insulation system which translates into higher continuous power transfer capacity.


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