Nanofibrous piezoelectric structures for composite materials to be used in electrical and electronic components


  • D Fabiani University of Bologna
  • F Grolli University of Bologna
  • G Selleri University of Bologna
  • M Speranza University of Bologna
  • T M Brugo University of Bologna
  • E Maccaferri University of Bologna
  • D Cocchi University of Bologna
  • A Zucchelli University of Bologna



This paper deals with realization of multifunctional composite materials, having piezoelectric effect. First of all polymeric mats of electrospun piezoelectric nanofibers were realized with different geometries. Such effect has been maximized by designing properly the electrospinning apparatus in order to enhance the electric field in the interelectrodic space which polarize the dipolar moments. The mats are then integrated in a silicon rubber matrix and measurements of the electromechanical response of the composite materials thus manufactured are performed. A good integration of nanofibers inside the host material is evidenced by electron microscopy images, allowing delaminations, which could occur using piezoelectric films, to be avoided. A large electrical response to both impact and vibration stimuli has been finally demonstrated.


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