The influence of thermal properties on power transmission characteristics of HVDC cables – a factor analysis

  • Björn Sonerud
  • Wendy Loyens
Keywords: HVDC, Thermal, power transmission, losses, conductor


Power transmission capacity of HVDC cable links depend to a large extent on the voltage level but also on operating temperature and consequently conductor cross-section. A high operating temperature offers larger transmission capacity at a given conductor crosssection. However, an increasing temperature will also
increase the conductor loss and the associated costs. The most beneficial design choice is seldom straightforward and involves a trade-off between several design parameters. In this paper the influence of thermal properties of the insulating material and the surrounding soil, as well as operating temperature and conductor cross-section, is investigated by means of factor analysis with respect to important criteria such as transmission capacity, loss and associated cost of operation. This approach is chosen in order to separate different influencing factors as well as elucidating the interaction between said factors.


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