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Vol 32 (2013) First record of Diaphus rafinesquii (Cocco, 1838) (Myctophidae) in the Norwegian Sea Abstract   PDF
Rupert Wienerroither, Otte Bjelland
Vol 29 (2009) Freshwater rotifers from Hordaland, western Norway, with a survey of freshwater rotifers previously found in Norway Abstract   PDF
Brit Godske Bjørklund
Vol 34 (2014) Grazing by sheep Ovis aries reduces island populations of water voles Arvicola amphibius Abstract   PDF
Karl Frafjord
Vol 37 (2017) Heterocope borealis in Norway - A copepod on the move, or on the edge of its natural distribution? Abstract   PDF
Jan Ivar Koksvik, Thomas Correll Jensen, Gaute Kjærstad
Vol 33 (2013) Historical information on common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in Norway Abstract   PDF
Einar Kleiven
Vol 36 (2016) How fast do amphibians disperse? Introductions, distribution and dispersal of the common frog Rana temporaria and the common toad Bufo bufo on a coastal island in Central Norway Abstract   PDF
Dag Dolmen, Jan Seland
Vol 36 (2016) Increased precision of growth data gained by reading multiple scales from each individual of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) Abstract   PDF
Tormod Haraldstad, Thrond Oddvar Haugen, Reidar Borgstrøm, Bror Jonsson
Vol 31 (2012) Insights from chironomid oviposition is useful to visual pest control Abstract   PDF
Amit Lerner, Carynelisa Haspel, Nir Sapir, Nikolay Meltser, Meir Broza, Nadav Shashar
Vol 26 (2008) Knowledge on biodiversity in focus Abstract   PDF
Torkild Bakken
Vol 36 (2016) Lebetus scorpioides and Buenia jeffreysii (Teleostei: Gobiidae) found north of the Arctic Circle Abstract   PDF
Ingvar Byrkjedal, Rupert Wienerroither, Gjertrud Jensen
Vol 31 (2012) Life cycles of Eukiefferiella claripennis (Lundbeck 1898) and Eukiefferiella minor (Edwards 1929) (Diptera: Chironomidae) in spring-fed streams of different temperatures with reference to climate change Abstract   PDF
Elísabet Ragna Hannesdóttir, Gísli Már Gíslason, Jón S Ólafsson
Vol 31 (2012) Long-term patterns of chironomid assemblages in a high elevation stream/lake network (Switzerland) – Implications to global change Abstract   PDF
Brigitte Lods-Crozet, Beat Oertli, Christopher T Robinson
Vol 28 (2009) Lycodes adolfi Nielsen & Fosså, 1993 (Teleostei: Zoarcidae) recorded near Jan Mayen and in the eastern part of the Norwegian Sea Abstract   PDF
Ingvar Byrkjedal, Torleiv Brattegard, Peter Rask Møller
Vol 35 (2015) Mapping of marine benthic invertebrates in the Oslofjord and the Skagerrak: sampling data of museum collections from 1950-1955 and from recent investigations Abstract   PDF
Eivind Oug, Marit E. Christiansen, Kristine Dobbe, Ann-Helén Rønning, Torkild Bakken, Jon A. Kongsrud
Vol 37 (2017) Mass aggregations of Bibio pomonae (Insecta: Diptera: Bibionidae), an indication of climate change? Abstract   PDF
Tore Qvenild, Sigurd Rognerud
Vol 37 (2017) New records of the rare gastropods Erato voluta and Simnia patula, and first record of Simnia hiscocki from Norway Abstract   PDF
Jon-Arne Sneli, Torkild Bakken
Vol 31 (2012) New species of Paratanytarsus Thienemann & Bause 1913 (Diptera: Chironomidae) from the Mediterranean Region (Corsica, southern France and Lebanon) Abstract   PDF
Joel Moubayed-Breil, Patrick Ashe, Peter H Langton
Vol 35 (2015) New species of Scolelepis (Polychaeta, Spionidae) from the Norwegian coast and Barents Sea with a brief review of the genus Abstract   PDF
Andrey Sikorski, Lyudmila Pavlova
Vol 30 (2010) Osedax mucofloris (Polychaeta, Siboglinidae), a bone-eating marine worm new to Norway Abstract   PDF
Christoffer Schander, Hans Tore Rapp, Thomas G. Dahlgren
Vol 31 (2012) Phenology of some chironomid species (Diptera, Chironomidae) of the Middle Urals Abstract   PDF
Andrey B Krasheninnikov
Vol 31 (2012) Phenotypic and genetic variation within the Cricotopus sylvestris species-group (Diptera, Chironomidae), across a Nearctic - Palaearctic gradient Abstract   PDF
Susan Gresens, Elisabeth Stur, Torbjorn Ekrem
Vol 31 (2012) Polytene chromosomes of Chironomidae (Diptera) as a bioassay of trace-metal-induced genome instability Abstract   PDF
Paraskeva Vladimirova Michailova, Gabriella Sella, Ninel Petrova
Vol 31 (2012) Proceedings of the 18th International Symposium on Chironomidae Abstract   PDF
Torbjørn Ekrem, Elisabeth Stur, Kaare Aagaard
Vol 31 (2012) Pupae of Mesozoic Oryctochlus Kalugina, 1985 (Chironomidae: Podonominae), with description of two new species Abstract   PDF
Elena Lukashevich
Vol 31 (2012) Response of Chironomidae (Diptera) to impoundments in lowland streams Abstract   PDF
Maria Grzybkowska, Michał Kurzawski, Małgorzata Dukowska
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