Article Tools


In addition to making high quality research in applied ethics widely available to the public without charge, Etikk i praksis has enhanced the functions of its online interface to boost readers' research capabilities and the free exchange of scholarly information. These enhanced functions are available through the OJS Article Tools.

The new online functions available through Etikk i praksis Article Tools include:

1. Export citations
The function 'How to cite item' will help avoid errors in copying bibliographic information. Citation styles available include APA, BibTeX, CEB, EndNote, MLA, ProCIte, RefWorks, Reference Manager (RIS format), and Turabian. Never type bibliographic information manually ever again!

2. Google scholar related research
Finding related references is now a click of a mouse button away. If you are reading an article as part of your research literature review, Etikk i praksis will help you find related articles directly on google scholar through Finding References function on the article page.

3. Email a colleague
Composing a short message to email a colleague directly about an article published in Etikk i praksis is now possible. You must be signed in as a user, however.

4. Email author
Directly email the author about her article or any related question.

5. Printer-friendly version
It is now possible to print the html version of published articles without the webpage images.

 6. RSS feeds

7. AddThistext by Allen Alvarez & Per-Erling Movik