Etikk i Praksis 10-årsjubileet: "Etisk Debatt i Offentligheten – Om Sortering og Moralisering"


Etikk i Praksis 10-årsjubileet: "Etisk Debatt i Offentligheten – Om Sortering og Moralisering" Live streaming: (link:…

Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics 10 years anniversary event at Dokkhuset in Trondheim. Nov. 13, 2017, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Posted: 2017-11-13

Call for submissions


2018 Special Issue on Globalization, Cosmopolitanism, and Migration: 
Ethics of Inclusion and Exclusion
Guest editors: Yusuf Yuksekdag (Linköping University), Elin Palm (Linköping University)
Deadline for submission: November 15, 2017

Transnational migration is a serious challenge that cannot be addressed by a focus on the single nation states alone but must rather be dealt with by recognizing the various bilateral and transnational aspects of emigration and immigration and its effects on different segments within sender and receiving countries. Considering the multi-layered nature of the issue, there are also many challenges and issues faced at the application level by practitioners and policymakers.

The aim of this special issue of Etikk i Praksis is to combine papers which, from various perspectives, illustrate different dimensions of inclusion/exclusion practices, and offer criteria for fair migration governance. In addition, this special issue aims at exploring a blend of empirical data/studies and theoretical analyses. Contributions from practitioners are especially welcomed.

The special issue will revolve around the following overarching questions: What is required in order for transnational migration governance to be fair and effective, especially at the application level? What if any obligations do developed nations have towards irregular migrants and in force of what? What are the challenges of current integration practices? If present-day migration, at least to some extent, is a product of an unequal global order established through colonialism, what moral obligations do former colonies have regarding forcibly displaced individuals? In what ways should the states manage their skilled labor? What are the ethical implications of the unified supranational refugee/asylum policies (such as the recent efforts by the EU)?

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Call for book reviews


Submit a book review to Etikk i praksis!

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EiP's author-year style of referencing


Etikk i praksis – Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics follows its own author-year style that combines APA and the so-called Harvard system.

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Call for submissions


Nr 2/2016: Special Issue on Realizing Global Justice: Theory and Practice

Guest editors: Melina Duarte & Tor Ivar Hanstad
Deadline for submission: April 5, 2016

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Etikk i praksis online grensesnitt forbedret!


I tillegg til å gjøre forskning av høy kvalitet i anvendt etikk allment tilgjengelig for publikum uten kostnad, har Etikk i praksisforbedret funksjonene i det elektroniske grensesnittet for å øke lesernes mulighet til fri utveksling av vitenskapelig informasjon. Disse forbedrede funksjoner er tilgjengelige gjennom OJS Article Tools.

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Article Tools


Article Tools can help enhance your research browsing on Etikk i praksis

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Email messages not being received in Gmail?


Not strictly an issue with EiP's electronic submission system, some people find that emails from or those sent through OJS are not being received. Most likely, they are being caught by a spam filter. Gmail addresses in particular seem to have this problem.

Try these suggestions.

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Our email address


EiP's email address is

The old email address is no longer in use since 06.06.2015.

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