A redescription of Zavrelia simantoneoa (Sasa, Suzuki and Sakai, 1998) comb. nov.

Tadashi Kobayashi


Examination of the holotype of Micropsectra simantoneoa Sasa, Suzuki and Sakai, 1998 revealed that the species should be transferred to the genus Zavrelia. The male adult has hairy eyes, antennae with 10 flagellomeres, a costa ending proximal to the tip of M3+4, and a short and flattened superior volsella. This is the second Zavrelia species from Japan, and the 11th in the world.

Article submitted 25. September 2014, accepted 16. October 2014, published 22. December 2014.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5324/cjcr.v0i27.1699

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