Molleriella kaputu n. sp. from the West Usambara Mountains, NE Tanzania (Diptera: Chironomidae)

Trond Andersen


The male and female imago of Molleriella kaputu n. sp. are described and figured based on specimens collected in NE Tanzania in 1990. The new species can be separated from M. calcarella Sæther and Ekrem by having a slightly narrower, parallel sided anal point and weaker setae on the inferior volsella, longer C extension and distinctly shorter tibiae. The specimens were caught in Malaise traps at about 1500 m altitude in the Mazumbai Forest Reserve in the West Usambara Mountains.

Article submitted 17. June 2014, accepted 29. November 2014, published 22. December 2014.


Chironomidae; Orthocladiinae; new species; Eastern Arc Mountains; Tanzania; Afrotropical region

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