In memory of James E. Sublette (1928-2012)

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Amy Steeby
Peter S Cranston
John H Epler
Saul Frommer
Wojciech Gilka
Barbara Hayford
Jon Martin
Martin Spies
Elisabeth Stur
Torbjørn Ekrem
Diego A. A. Suárez
Wolfgang Wülker


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Steeby, A., Cranston, P. S., Epler, J. H., Frommer, S., Gilka, W., Hayford, B., Martin, J., Spies, M., Stur, E., Ekrem, T., Suárez, D. A. A., & Wülker, W. (2013). In memory of James E. Sublette (1928-2012). CHIRONOMUS Journal of Chironomidae Research, (26).
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