Skilsmisse og barnets bedste – før og nu, mellem hverdagsliv og politik

  • Anja Marschall
  • Sine Penthin Grumløse


Family life today is diverse and historical understandings of what family life is and should
be are challenged. Approximately 1/3 of all children in Scandinavia experience their parents’
divorce during childhood. Despite divorce, children’s rights to an everyday life with both
parents are emphasized as a way to take care of the child. However, this has not always
been the case. This article investigates how the best interest of children in divorce has been
understood over time and how this has influenced the legislation developed in close relation
to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Through analyses of historical documents and
contemporary interview material with children and their divorced parents, we examine how
discussions about children, parents and divorce have influenced the legislation, and how
these understandings – in a contemporary context – encourage parents to a high degree
of cooperation in “the best interest of their child”. However, the best interest of the child is
not a simple and clear matter.