Our master in Music, Communication and Technology (MCT) has established a new Erasmus Cooperation with Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in GermanyThis not only means the possibility of exchange between students and professors, but also the exploration of the technologies and pedagogical methods used at MCT in an interdisciplinary context. MCT is a co-join master between NTNU and University of Oslo (UiO).

«For example, the pedagogical techniques of team-based learning, student-active learning, and flipping classroom can be applied to the MCT’s cutting-edge technological ecosystem (the Portal) to internationally communicate and work in class across institutions» Professor Anna Xambó says.

We also envision the organization of lectures and students’ presentations through the portal involving the Potsdam’s node.

Tegning av Prof. Dr. Angela Brenncke und Prof. Anna Xambó Ph.D

Prof. Dr. Angela Brennecke und Prof. Anna Xambó Ph.D

The collaboration between Professor Dr. Angela Brennecke and Prof. Anna Xambó Ph.D. started when Anna Xambó was at Queen Mary University of London in 2017 working as a postdoc in the European-funded project AudioCommons. This was followed by a first research meeting and the workshop «Creative Audio Programming with p5.js» at the Film University in summer 2018, where Anna Xambó taught to the participants the development of small audio apps with Javascript.

In February of this year, Angela Brennecke attended MCT at NTNU and gave a lecture on «Creative Technologies for Storytelling» as part of the monthly seminar series Women Nordic Music Tech (WoNoMute) . She was also interviewed for the WoNoMute blog. Following this, it emerged the idea to develop a cooperation and further joint work on teaching and research topics around artistic-creative applications with and through new audiovisual technologies.

This summer, Anna Xambó has visited again the Film University. In addition to a further developed workshop «Creative Audio Programming for the Web», Xambó also reported on the MCT programme and the concepts behind as part of the research colloquium «Sounds in Space». As a follow up, one group of MCT students will be presenting remotely a project developed in the MCT course Applied Project. The project is called Seismerssion by Jørgen Nygård Varpe, Shreejay Shrestha, Sepehr Haghighi, Espen Wik and Karolina Jawad. The project has been facilitated by the exterior partner Maria H. Gonzales and supervised by the MCT teacher Daniel Formo.

The Erasmus cooperation between the two master programmes is first implemented as a staff cooperation in order to better understand the respective study programmes, research topics and courses and to develop a joint project or teaching offer that can benefit students from both programmes. The cooperation thus provides an ideal basis for further interdisciplinary cooperation between our NTNU music technology programmes Bachelor in music technology, Master in music technology, and MCT on an international level. You can read more about this cooperation in this article.