The master’s ring is “Ringvirkninger” (Ripple effects) and is designed by Ragne Stauri.

Av: Mette Larsson

“The motif of a drop striking water, where the rings spread on the water’s surface, symbolizes how an education from NTNU can affect your life far into the future. Hopefully, your time at NTNU will influence many aspects of your life in different ways,” says Ragne Stauri, who trained as a medical doctor at NTNU and created the winning design for the master’s degree ring.

The jury made its choice based on the proposal’s outstanding concept and its strong storytelling component.

“The use of the circle in the NTNU logo in the design to illustrate the drop-and-ripple effect of knowledge is an excellent representation of what a master’s degree from NTNU provides. Both the concept and design stand out and are innovative in a way that should help establish the ring as a strong symbol for what a master’s degree from NTNU offers,” the jury said.

The jury added that the ring is easily adaptable without weakening its simple symbol, and complements NTNU’s other university rings.

Started in 2018drawing of the ring

“My idea with the design behind ‘Ringvirkninger’ was to show that after five years at NTNU and with a master’s degree, you have more than just your degree and professional input. You also have had new experiences, made new friends and perhaps learned some larger lessons,” says Stauri.

The process of developing the candidate ring started in 2018 with the announcement of a design competition. A jury was formed, and 100 entries were submitted and approved for judging.

In the end, two design proposals reached the finalist round: : «Ringvirkninger» og «Môbius’ bånd».

Prototypes of the first and second place were developed. Based on the prototypes, «Ringvirkninger» were chosen.

The criteria for the design competition were as follows:

  • Concept
  • Design / form
  • Material selection
  • Meets the goals for the ring:
    – Appropriate for all master’s degrees
    – Gender neutral
    – Can be produced at or below a retail price of NOK 6,000
    – Complements NTNU’s two other ring

The way forward

Inventas AS will continue working with the winning concept in collaboration with the designer.

The ring will be available for purchase once this process is completed.

Questions can be directed to: Mads Nordtvedt