A worrying trend in Covid-19 infection is now developing throughout Norway, including Gjøvik and Trondheim. To ensure that students can take exams, the Rector has today decided that all exams written on campus with supervision will be converted into home exams.

Rector Anne Borg. Photo: Kai T. Dragland/NTNU

“The health and safety of staff and students always has top priority. At the same time, students are entitled to complete their programme of study. That is why we have now decided not to hold written exams with supervision,” says Anne Borg.

“If exams were taking place today, we would have considered it justifiable to hold them as planned. But in four weeks’ time, we are afraid that the trend will make it difficult to do this. We have come to a stage that we have known all along might come: To make sure that students can complete their exams, we have to make this change,” she explains.

There has also been great uncertainty among both students and teaching staff. It was important to remove this uncertainty,” says Anne Borg.

The decision applies to exams written on campus with supervision in the main period from 24 November 2020 to 19 December 2020.

Information from course lecturer

Students at NTNU will get further information about exams from their lecturer and their department. A few exams may be in forms other than home exams. Students will get more detailed information about this.

Any questions?
If you have any questions about the exams, you can also send them to this email address: eksamen@adm.ntnu.no